Andy has spent nearly 15 years in full-time youth ministry in both para-church and church environments. He is now the Director of Leadership Development at Nebraska Christian College where he spends his time developing college-age ministry leaders. He is married to Allison and has four incredible kids. He's in my happy place if he's golfing, throwing a frisbee, or building something out of wood. 

Andy's top five Clifton Strengths

Harmony  /  "Let’s focus on what we have in common."

WOO  /  "No one I meet is a stranger, just a friend I haven’t met yet."

Positivity  /  "We might as well have fun while we’re doing this!"

Developer  /  "I almost only see the potential in people and situations."

Belief  /  "I live by a set of core values and expect the same from others."

Instagram / @andydykhouse