Three things to remember if you want to challenge authority


I just watched a coach get thrown out of the college World Series by the home plate umpire. The coach was very upset with a called “ball” insisting that it was a strike. The umpire warned him twice, then threw him out of the game. Watching the replay, it was clearly a ball, but i don’t want to debate the call, I want to talk about how to challenge authority. Here are three things to keep in mind.

  1. Stay humble. You aren’t in charge, and you might not have all the facts. The coach in the dugout does not have a good look at the pitch, or the plate. In other words, he doesn’t have the same perspective that the umpire does (the one tasked with calling the balls and strikes and has been trained to do so).
  2. Stay calm. Yelling and making a fuss will not help you win anyone over. If the coach had come out of the dugout and had a quiet conversation with the ump, there’s a different outcome. 
  3. Know when to quit. If you didn’t get your way, accept that and move on. The coach had two warnings but kept going. If he quits after being warned, he’s still in the game.

And that’s just it, you want to stay in the game. If you whine, yell, or generally come unglued when things don’t go your way, you won’t last. You might get a second job after doing this once, but you won’t get a third job if you do it twice. 

Andy Dykhouse